Our Story


The beginning

In 1990, Marc Bürki and Paolo Buzzi set-up Marvel Communications SA, a business specialising in financial software and web applications. This business was the forerunner of Swissquote, the first financial platform launched in 1996, which offered free access to prices for all securities traded on the Swiss stock exchange. To this day, swissquote.ch is visited 2 million times per month and is still Switzerland’s largest financial portal.

On 29th May 2000, Swissquote shares (SQN) were floated on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

By enabling private investors to access real-time prices free of charge we followed our mission of “democratising trading” - transparency, integrity and unbiased information for the benefit of our clients, allowing them to make independent decisions. Through the success of this proposition Swissquote Group Holding Ltd was created and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in May 2000 and in the same year Swissquote Ltd obtained a banking licence.

Following our aim to create connections to the world’s top financial exchanges, we gained access to the Swiss Stock Exchange (at the time SWX and Virt-X) as well as to the US NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges in 2001. At the same time we became the first pure online bank in Switzerland and were awarded as the Best Swiss Online Broker.

After the takeover of Consors (Switzerland) AG in 2002, followed by the takeover of the clients of Skandia Bank Switzerland, further markets, financial products and services completed our offer.

Even though Swissquote was a fully regulated bank it was seen as an outsider to the well-established Swiss banking fraternity.  Not being a part of the Swiss banking establishment and within the context of the financial crisis of 2007/8, Swissquote became more and more attractive to the private investor for whom our proposition of “democratising trading” truly resonated.

Always in search of new approaches to the complex issues of finance, we created a chair in quantitative finance at the EPFL in Lausanne in 2009 and launched our first Quant Fonds.

In 2010, the acquisition of Advanced Currency Markets AG (ACM) one of the country’s largest currency traders allowed us to consolidate our position as a leader in online trading and helped us to rapidly expand our Forex dealing.  A further step to democratising trading was the launch of a new service the same year: ePrivate Banking, electronic asset management for discerning clients who were looking for a professional yet easy to use tool to personally manage their portfolio.

In September 2013, we secured a place in the international market by acquiring MIG Bank, a major Forex broker. This acquisition propelled Swissquote into the world’s top ten online currency trading service providers.
The same year, Swissquote Ltd was established in London, incorporating elements of MIG Bank, to bring Forex online services to all markets in the European Union.

During the last years, we have added more significant services to our broad offer: online mortgages in collaboration with BLKB, Swiss DOTS, the trading platform for derivative products in collaboration with UBS, Goldman Sachs, Commerzbank, Vontobel and Deutsche Bank as well as our partnership with PostFinance in 2014.  In 2015Themes Trading, a new service in the Fintech environment, provides our customers with insights to invest in comprehensible and relatable trends.

Digital trading is part of our DNA and we will continue to be curious, creative and inventive in order to facilitate and democratise the world of finance for our clients.

Our vision

We want to provide the world’s most pioneering and intuitive online trading services. Therefore we challenge convention via the delivery of innovation and technology.


Global partnership with Manchester United, one of the most popular football team in the world.

Strategic partnership between Swissquote and PostFinance.

Takeover of MIG Bank Ltd, one of the leading Forex brokers worldwide. Swissquote Ltd established in London.