Trade in a new dimension

A simple interface packing a lot of power under the hood –
meet our new web platform for Forex & CFD trading

Chart new horizons with TradingView

Go full throttle on your trading journey with the user-friendly and powerful tools of TradingView - including advanced charting functions.

50+ intelligent charting tools

• 80+ technical indicators for the analytically-minded

• Synchronised layout for multiple charts






Multiple Order Types

Get ready for the technical stuff. In addition to the traditional order types, you can easily execute complex ones that are not available on other platforms.

 Order Cancels Other (OCO) - Combines a stop order with a limit order. When one is executed, it automatically cancels the other. Swish!

IF-DONE - A two-step order where the second step cannot be executed until the conditions of the first are met. No exceptions!

• If-OCO - A variant of the IF-DONE order where an OCO is placed after the order has been executed in the IF part.

Grab the DIY tools

Time to get settled in and make the space your own! Customise the look and feel perfectly to suit your personal trading style.

• Drag and drop almost any component of the platform to a new configuration

• Customise your charts, drawing tools and indicators

• Lock it down! Save your personal layout ready for your next visit




Get on board

Ready to transform your Forex and CFD experience? Jump right in and get started now. Not totally sure yet? No problem, check out the demo version and have a poke around.

Open your account 

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Enjoy easy handling

Flexibility is our forte! You can either use the desktop version or switch to the mobile app while on the move.

Desktop Version – grab your morning coffee, then fire it up 

Have the full power of Advanced Traders at the tip of your typing fingers and transform your computer into your own personal trading platform.

 Customise the interface and make it your own

• Never miss an opportunity with automatic pattern detection

• Access a wide range of order types



Mobile App – trade while you travel

Access the platform anytime and anywhere (suitable data signal dependent, of course.)

• Available for all iOS and Android devices.

• Quick and secure login with Touch ID support.

• Minimal bandwidth needed to place trade order

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