New forex trading station: Key points

Secure environment

Offers a highly secure environment with the highest protection for internet based data exchange, providing the highest possible security such as:

  • Secure internet communication (SSL encryption)
  • Secure transfer of information
  • Encrypted data-feed on Swissquote servers
  • Server-Certification
  • Total integrity of information from and to the trading-platform
  • User-Certification

The tremendous growth of our client base requires a high degree of scalability and availability of our entire architecture in order to improve "load-balancing" and "clustering" on our server-applications.

The software with its applications was designed and is maintained around the clock by certified systems engineers bringing vast experience with trading/financial applications to the table, offering crucial support at all times.


All data feed is handled in an environment offering the highest security available, all client information and account details are treated as follows:

  • 24/7 tech support
  • 24/7 live access to qualified systems engineers
  • Daily data-backup
  • Totally secure system preventing unauthorized access
  • Server-Room only accessible by authorized personnel via access card and fingerprint scan
  • Air-conditioned environment for increased performance
  • Advanced warning systems integration
  • Fully automated incident prevention and defense mechanisms (for example fire extinguishment via oxygen reduction)
  • 26 day standalone electricity generation capability to counteract power outage
  • Power surge protection

Our heavy investments in IT have enabled us to keep our "down-times" to an absolute minimum of 0.5%, way below industry average, of course the internet medium as such can never be guaranteed 100% of the time regardless of the measures taken. Although we have taken all necessary steps to prevent technical issues to an absolute minimum it is still a possibility that difficulties may arise from time to time.

Swissquote can not be held responsible for any losses that occur or opportunities missed due to technical or connection problems respectively which in turn may prevent proper data-transmission. This is why we have a 24 hrs fully staffed trading-desk available from Sunday to Friday in order to assist clients over the phone at anytime, offering added accessibility during temporary server "down-times" for example.

If you experience any problems online, you should contact the dealing desk immediately especially if you have open positions in the market. Our traders will be able to assist you without delay and quote current market prices, place trades or assist you with your technical problems if needed.