Swissquote provides you easy access to trade over 100 products on MetaTrader 4 offering competitive variable spreads on Forex, Commodities and Stock Indices.


Symbol Description Minimum spread
AUDCAD Australian Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar 4.0
AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 3.0
AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 3.0
AUDNZD Australian Dollar vs. New Zealand Dollar 2.0
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs. US Dollar 0.8
CADCHF Canadian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 4.0
CADJPY Canadian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 3.0
CADSGD Canadian Dollar vs. Singapore Dollar 3.0
CHFDKK Swiss Franc vs. Danish Krone 8.6
CHFHUF Swiss Franc vs Hungarian Forint 10.0
CHFJPY Swiss Franc vs. Japanese Yen 2.0
CHFNOK Swiss Franc vs. Norwegian Krone 12.0
CHFPLN Swiss Franc vs. Polish Zloty 20.0
CHFSEK Swiss Franc vs. Swedish Krona 10.1
CHFSGD Swiss Franc vs. Singapore Dollar 4.0
DKKSEK Danish Krone vs. Swedish Krona 1.7
EURAUD Euro vs. Australian Dollar 3.0
EURCAD Euro vs. Canadian Dollar 4.0
EURCHF Euro vs. Swiss Franc 1.5
EURCZK Euro vs. Czech Koruna 1.0
EURDKK Euro vs. Danish Krone 3.0
EURGBP Euro vs. British Pound 0.8
EURHKD Euro vs Hong Kong Dollar 16.0
EURHUF Euro vs. Hungarian Forint 10.0
EURJPY Euro vs. Japanese Yen 1.5
EURNOK Euro vs. Norwegian Krone 20.0
EURNZD Euro vs. New Zealand Dollar 6.0
EURPLN Euro vs. Polish Zloty 29.0
EURRUB Euro vs. Russian Ruble 180.0
EURSEK Euro vs. Swedish Krona 20.0
EURSGD Euro vs Singapore Dollar 3.0
EURTRY Euro vs. Turkish Lira 4.0
EURUSD Euro vs. US Dollar 0.8
EURZAR Euro vs South African Rand 40.0
GBPAUD British Pound vs. Australian Dollar 3.0
GBPCAD British Pound vs. Canadian Dollar 4.0
GBPCHF British Pound vs. Swiss Franc 3.0
GBPDKK British Pound vs. Danish Krone 10.0
GBPHUF British Pound vs. Hungarian Forint 10.0
GBPJPY British Pound vs. Japanese Yen 2.4
GBPNOK British Pound vs. Norwegian Krone 20.0
GBPNZD British Pound vs. New Zealand Dollar 5.0
GBPPLN British Pound vs. Polish Zloty 47.0
GBPSEK British Pound vs. Swedish Krona 20.0
GBPSGD British Pound vs Singapore Dollar 4.0
GBPTRY British Pound vs Turkish Lira 4.0
GBPUSD British Pound vs. US Dollar 1.0
HKDJPY Hong Kong Dollar vs Japanese Yen 40.0
NOKJPY Norwegian Krone vs. Japanese Yen 20.0
NOKSEK Norwegian Krone vs. Swedish Krona 4.0
NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar 3.0
NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 4.0
NZDDKK New Zealand Dollar vs. Danish Krona 10.0
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 3.0
NZDSEK New Zealand Dollar vs. Swedish Krona 20.0
NZDSGD New Zealand Dollar vs. Singapore Dollar 4.0
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs. US Dollar 2.0
SEKJPY Swedish Krona vs. Japanese Yen 0.4
SGDHKD Singapore Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar 10.0
SGDJPY Singapore vs Japanese Yen 3.0
TRYJPY Turkish Lira vs. Japanese Yen 2.0
USDCAD US Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar 1.5
USDCHF US Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 1.0
USDCNH US Dollar vs. Offshore Chinese Yuan 16.0
USDCZK US Dollar vs. Czech Koruna 1.0
USDDKK US Dollar vs. Danish Krone 11.0
USDHKD US Dollar vs. Hong Kong Dollar 3.0
USDHUF US Dollar vs. Hungarian Forint 15.0
USDILS US Dollar vs. Israeli Shekel 4.0
USDJPY US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.8
USDMXN US Dollar vs. Mexican Peso 20.0
USDNOK US Dollar vs. Norwegian Krone 20.0
USDPLN US Dollar vs. Polish Zloty 25.0
USDRUB US Dollar vs. Russian Ruble 46.0
USDSEK US Dollar vs. Swedish Krona 20.0
USDSGD US Dollar vs. Singapore Dollar 3.0
USDTRY US Dollar vs. Turkish Lira 4.0
USDZAR US Dollar vs. South African Rand 45.0


Symbol Description Minimum spread
XAUAUD Gold vs. Australian Dollar 0.35
XAUCHF Gold vs. Swiss Franc 0.35
XAUEUR Gold vs. Euro 0.35
XAUGBP Gold vs. British Pound 0.35
XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar 0.35
XPDUSD Palladium 0.35
XPTUSD Platinum 0.35
XAGAUD Silver vs. Australian Dollar 0.03
XAGCHF Silver vs. Swiss Franc 0.03
XAGEUR Silver vs. Euro 0.03
XAGGBP Silver vs. British Pound 0.03
XAGUSD Silver vs. US Dollar 0.03
#USOILMY Forward US Crude Oil 0.05
#UKOILMY Forward UK Crude Oil 0.05
#NGMY Forward Natural Gas 0.035
#HGMY Forward Heating Oil 0.0021
#HGCMY Forward US Copper 0.65
#GASMY Forward Gasoline 0.29
#GSOMY Forward Gasoil 1.25

MY = Month Year

Stock Indices

Symbol Description Minimum spread
#DE30 Spot Germany 30 1.4
#DE30H5 Forward Germany 30 2.0
#DE30M5 Forward Germany 30 2.0
#EU50 Spot EU Stocks 50 2.0
#ES Spot Spain 35 5.0
#CH Spot Switzerland 20 5.0
#FR40 Spot France 40 1.5
#GB100 Spot UK 100 1.5
#DJ30 Spot US 30 2.0
#NAS100 Spot US Tech 100 1.5
#SP500 Spot US 500 0.5
#DE30MY Forward Germany 30 2.0
#EU50MY Forward EU Stocks 50 3.0
#CHMY Forward Switzerland 20 3.0
#NLMY Forward Netherlands 25 0.3
#FR40MY Forward France 40 4.0
#ESMY Forward Spain 35 7.0
#GB100MY Forward UK 100 2.5
#DJ30MY Forward US 30 5.0
#NAS100MY Forward US Tech 100 2.25
#SP500MY Forward US 500 1.25
#RUSMY Forward US Small Cap 0.5
#NIK225MY Forward Japan 225 25.0

MY = Month Year


Symbol Description Minimum spread
#LGILTMY Forward Long Gilt 0.05
#USBNDMY Forward US. T-Bond 0.05

MY = Month Year

You may experience higher or lower spreads based on the conditions of the market due to the following occurrences:

  • Global economic news events
  • Volatile market conditions
  • Illiquid market conditions
  • Your Transaction size